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Apr 17, 2014


Christians please pray for the families in south Korea that have lost a loved one. a ship of south Korean high school students has shiprecked

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some of my redhead reverse harem list aww my anime crushes

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How bra stores seem to think things work:

  • <b> Anything smaller than a C cup:</b> must be pre-pubescent. Ugly patterns, and colours. Lot's of animals and stripes.<p><b>C to D cup:</b> A woman! Pretty lacy things, nice patterns, large variety.<p><b>Anything over a D cup:</b> Beige. Lots and lots of beige.<p>
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"She’s practically inviting all the neighborhood punks to hit on her."

Really, voltage? He’s basically saying she wants people to rape her. As much as I love Soryu, what he’s saying right now is disgusting. NOBODY wants to be raped, not even when she goes outside naked. I know a lot of girls play voltage games, even those under the age of 13, and I DON’T want this idea of ‘women asking to be raped by showing off their body’ planted in their head. This is an example of rape culture and we need to destroy it.

I’ve seen tons of “Don’t blame me if I can’t hold back cause you look sexy” craps. Usually, I’d ignore them. But I kinda snapped after this one.

I’m sending voltage a ‘feedback’ they need the most for their games and I’m sure they wouldn’t take me seriously if I’m the only one sending it.

So, dear fellow voltage fans, please help me send an email to voltage regarding this matter. I’m sure they would take it seriously if we address this matter together. Doing so will not only help females gain their rights, but also helps voltage inc. (which I’m sure consists of A LOT of employees, who are PEOPLE) to look at this matter with a different perspective and stop objectifying females. Please signal boost!

I don’t think the game was trying to promote ‘rape culture.’ I just think sometimes we as women need to be realistic. No one wants to be raped and no one (normal anyway) would wish that on anyone.

We don’t live in a world of sunshine and rainbows. As women we need to realize for our own safety there are thing we can and should do to protect ourselves. In this case the MC’s wet clothes attracted the wrong kind of attention. Late at night and alone caused unsavory individual(s) to ‘notice’ her.

This is not a case of ‘rape culture.’ It’s a life lesson on realistic situations brought about by criminal behavior.

I had thought it was implied that I though the man was is the wrong but I guess I’ll humor you: Of course the man was in the wrong! A victim is always a victim! ‘How bout that unsavory individual(s) control their lust and grow the fuck up?’ You aren’t being realistic. It would be nice to live in a world and wear whatever you want, act whichever way you like and do whatever you please without inviting attention. Realistically speaking this is not a Utopian society. Do you not wear clothes first to hide your ‘nakedness’? Second does the style of clothing you wear not attract attention, good and or otherwise? ‘So men can’t control their desire, that’s why us women are in the wrong for letting them lose control?” I didn’t say or imply this. You are generalizing all men as sexual creatures who pray on women. ‘How is it women can control their desire and men can’t?’ Again, you are generalizing all women as sexual saints that don’t ever take advantage men. ‘We’re all human to begin with.’ Of course then we’re are all expected to act with a measure of personal responsibility. Men shouldn’t sexual assault women. Women shouldn’t sexual assault men. Women should be mindful that their appearance will garner attention. Men shouldn’t make assumptions on women’s appearances. However we live in a society where assumptions are made ON appearances every day. A person who commit a crime is always guilty. I am arguing the opinion that there are measures a person can take so that they lessen their chances of becoming a victim. Finally, pertaining solely to Soryu’s observation. Soryu is firstly a man. Many people man or woman would have made similar assumptions. Secondly, Soryu in this case made an observation NOT an assumption. He personally knows the MC. Therefore his observations would have been pertaining to individuals interested in MC not by her invitation but by their on lewd behavior. MC appearance however her clothes attracted the wrong attention. That is all. She was not asking for it, just that her clothes, her manner of dress and timing attracted I’ll intentions. Of course this was innocent but again I must stress that we don’t live in a perfect society. This WILL happen. Just that we should be MORE AWARE. I’m not going to acknowledge your latter analogy because it is ignorant in matter. However, if she was wearing a bulletproof vest, she had at some point conceived the possibility she would be shot. Furthermore she could have been shot by another woman. She could have also been another shooter herself. Such an analogy is far to open to interpretation. Just as your observations of Soryu’s point of View.

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Silvana Mangano as Circe in “Ulysses”
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Silvana Mangano as Circe in “Ulysses”

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Side Street, Venice, Italy
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Side Street, Venice, Italy

photo via longlive

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Minori's shironuri make-up tutorial for TokyoFashion
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